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Our Services:

Hourly Care Services


Our most popular service is designed for clients who benefit from assistance on a regularly scheduled basis each week.  Care plans and schedules are customized based on each individual's needs and Care Professionals are available from 4 to 12 hours each day for one to seven days per week.

Hourly Care Services rate 

6 plus hours a day 25.00 per hour

less than 6 hrs a day  $25.50 per hour

Weekend only shift rates, $27.00 per hour

 Overnight Shift Care Services 


Overnight Personal Assistance Service during which the Care Professional is awake in order to be able to assist during the night if the client awakes from sleep.

Hourly Care Services rate, $24.50 per hour


Specific tasks:


  • Bathing: drawing water in sink, basin or tub, laying out supplies, sponge bathing & drying, assisting in/out of tub/shower, standby assistance for safety
  • Dressing: dressing/undressing client, laying out clothes
  • Grooming: shaving, brushing teeth, applying makeup, caring for nails
  • Toileting: changing diapers, assisting on/off bed, assisting with hygiene needs, standby assistance
  • Routine Hair/Skin care: washing & drying hair, setting, rolling, & braiding hair, combing or brushing hair, applying non-prescription lotion
  • Cleaning: cleaning up after personal care tasks, cleaning bedside commodes, cleaning bathroom, changing bed linens & making bed, floor cleaning of living areas, dusting, taking out trash, cleaning stove top, counters, dishes, cleaning refrigerator
  • Shopping: preparing a shopping list, going to store for purchasing or pick-up of groceries, putting groceries away, picking up medication
  • Feeding: spoon & bottle feeding, assisting with feeding utensils, standby assistance & encouragement
  • Meal Preparation: cooking/serving full meal, warming up prepared meal, grinding, cutting or purifying food
  • Laundry: gathering & sorting, loading & unloading, going to Laundromat, washing and doing laundry, hanging out clothes to dry, folding & putting away clothes, drop-off/pick-up dry cleaning
  • Transfer: non-ambulatory movement from one stationary position to another, adjusting/changing client’s position, using equipment: slide board, hover lift, etc.
  • Ambulation: assisting client in rising from a sitting position and positioning for use of walking apparatus, assisting with putting on and removing leg braces & prosthesis for ambulation, assisting client with walking, assisting with range of motion exercises
  • Pet Care: from feeding to walking animals or transporting to an appointment if needed


We are committed to providing high quality, client-centered and affordable Home Care services to our clients to assist them to lead dignified and independent lives in the comfort and safety of their own homes.  Their individual needs are carefully assessed, understood and met through the selective assignment of qualified, trustworthy and compassionate personnel. 


What families are saying


“Theresa is the nicest caregiver she has had.” Thank you for sending my mom such a wonderful caregiver.

     Cindy, Austin


​I found that having someone that could take care of my meals, do light housekeeping and provide companionship and security during walks and my daily activity was the key to my recovery.

     Post Surgery/Hospitalization Client, Austin,           Texas​​


What families are saying

 I would ask for Conni again, she was excellent! Jene and Marie High praise!! 

BH, Austin, Jan 2020

Very pleased. Home Care Pros were great. Communication with Honor extremely good and prompt.

BB, Austin, Dec 2019


Outstanding care by all the caregivers my mom had, THANK YOU.

     J & R, Austin

 I had no idea this type of service even existed but now I know and am very appreciative I chose Our Family Home care for my first experience. If needed again, I will definitely contact and will spread the word around here on Ft. Hood, you all are life-savers.

Again, thanks a bunch!!!  Ft Hood


After a fall in her home and a short stay in a rehab center, my mom desperately wanted to return to her own home.  This was a challenge for our family as mom lives alone, and I live out of state.  "Our Family Home Care" was the answer to our dilemma.  They made sure that my mom got home safely and settled back into her routine.  They helped with grocery shopping, meal preparation and general care until my mom was back on her feet and able to manage alone.  Jene and her team were delightful, and went above and beyond to help make sure that my mom was well taken care of so that I could return to my own family.  I can't thank them enough for their outstanding care. If personal, compassionate service is what your looking for call on Our Family Home Care.

​   RB,  Worried Daughter, ​Austin